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My Blog

New Beginnings

by lore ferreira |

This new collection comes in time for spring in the Southern Hemisphere.  Its always spring somewhere, I love that. With each spring season comes new life, awakening, rebirth, a wealth of vibrant colors that bloom and transform into amazing new gifts from nature. New beginnings also come from change in any aspect of our lives.  Times of crisis bring growth and...

Flower Power (work in progress)

by lore ferreira |

It started with a strong desire to bring joy and color to the cold winter days here in Santiago.  If you wish and hope you can make things happen!  I started sketching flowers...and although I have some beauties in my back yard...right now its nothin to see.  I remembered several photos...

Jewelry with meaning

by lore ferreira |

Inspired by you. Jewelry as unique as you are. A one-of-a-kind design experience helps you make a personal statement.

Let's talk Gemstones

by lore ferreira |

Do you wonder what difference between glass beads, crystals, and gemstones are?  When you go to a craft store you are probably going to get glass or crystal ..or poor quality gemstones at best.  What are gemstones?

Precious Metals

by lore ferreira |

Ever wonder what the difference between Sterling Silver and Fine Silver is?... lets find out!

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