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Flower Power (work in progress)

by lore ferreira |

custom design jewelryIt started with a strong desire to bring joy and color to the cold winter days here in Santiago. custom design jewelry

If you wish and hope you can make things happen!  I started sketching flowers...and although I have some beauties in my back yard...right now its nothin to see.  I remembered several photos my sister has sent of an amazing Dogwood in her front yard in Ohio.  That tree is just magical...a Unicorn.                   

Then came my spin on these amazing flowers.

Each flower is hand cut with a jewelers saw...omg I have broken so many blades its not even funny.
My favorite part is designing the embellishments...the gemstones that will be added to make each blossom unique and stunning.
 This one is actually looking like a hydrangea flower!!! and its not anywhere near finished yet.  I painted this one with Fire (love how that sounds).
There are only eight pairs of earrings in this blooming Flower Power Collection so far.... a garden of sunshine and color!!!
custom design jewelry