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For returns, please contact me within 30 days of receiving your order. I gladly accept returns and will offer a full refund on non-custom items. Items returned after 30 days may be returned for online and store credit only. 

Returned items must be in original condition and not show any signs of wear or use.  Once return is received, all items will be carefully examined and full refund or store credit will be issued within 5 days. Please note that refund/store credit will be issued for value of merchandise returned only (shipping fees will not be credited). Store credit is valid for 1 year once issued.

All custom orders are nonrefundable, but let me know the issue.   Hopefully we can work something out!

Ireserve the right to reject any returns that do not comply with the conditions stated above. If you have any questions about returns, please contact me. 

Can I visit your studio?

Yes! I operate by appointment only. If you would like to come into the home studio to discuss a custom design or try on rings in stock, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Sizing and Fitting

How should I get my finger sized?

If you are in Santiago, you may come by my home studio to get sized. If not, write me and Ill send you a template via email.

Jewelry and Metals
What’s the difference between metals?

 Karat is the unit used to measure the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24kt, or 100% gold. 18kt contains 75% gold (18/24=.75) and 14kt contains 58.5% gold. The reason alloys get added to gold is to make them strong. 24kt is very soft, making it not very ideal for every day wear. when I use gold, I only use 18kt which is very strong.

Sterling Silver:

In Chile, sterling silver is 95% silver (5% copper).  Elsewhere it is usually 92.5% silver. Sterling silver tarnishes, or changes color. You can slow the process of tarnishing by keeping your silver jewelry dry, not showering or swimming in it or letting any chemicals (hair spray, sunscreen, etc.) come in contact with it. Tarnish only occurs on the surface, so you can have your sterling silver jewelry re-polished to make it bright white and shiny again.

What can I do with my old jewelry?

If you have old jewelry lying around that you aren’t wearing, let’s use it to make a custom piece! I can repurpose all of your precious gemstones and diamonds. I cannot use the gold or metal in the actual custom piece, but I can offer credit for it (the weight of the metal) and that will count toward your new piece. 

Why is my silver jewelry changing colors?

This is very common for silver jewelry and it is called tarnishing. The good news is that tarnish only occurs on the surface and can be polished away.

I intentionally oxidize or patina many pieces to avoid this.

How should I clean my jewelry?

For silver,  a  non abrasive polishing cloth, and for brass and all other base metal jewelry, we recommend the silliest cleaning method: ketchup or salsa. The acidity from the tomatoes cleans brass jewelry immediately making it bright and shiny again. Simply mix a little tomato condiment of your choice with some water and swish your jewelry around in it for a few minutes. Thoroughly rinse off and dry.

Custom Design
Do you do custom work?

Yes! I love to do custom work so please do not hesitate to ask about going custom.

Can I customize a piece I found on your website? What about a ring I found elsewhere?

I will gladly customize one of my pieces to fit you and your style. I do not copy designs from other stores as it is illegal to copy another artist’s work. 

Why are my earrings not exactly the same?

each piece is handcrafted one at a time.  Therefore, it is impossible to have identical pieces.  Many times the variations are intentional...I am not a fan of symmetry most of the time.

Hancrafted pieces are unique.